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Acupressure Point Testing

As stated by Spectra-Vision: "The technique of acupoint assessment involves contacting the skins' surface at a specific point with a conductive probe that measures the flow of micro-voltage along the meridian pathway associated with that acupressure point. This technique makes up the second half of a full evaluation: multi-channel data is transferred to single-channel test mode where the practitioner tests various signals against specific acupuncture meridians through points on your hands. This allows you to see precisely how your body responds to different signals from this information a supportive remedy protocol can be customized to your need for maximum benefit. The combination of multi-channel and single-channel testing is the culmination of over four decades of research in non-cognitive biofeedback."

We use acupressure point testing as a way to assess which vitamin and herbal supplements will be the most effective and non-allergic for you. We can also test to customize the amount of product needed and to see the synergist effect of all the product taken all together. This is done at the end of your Spectra-Vision evaluation but also can be done alone as a short test. We can test single vials' of grains such as gluten,corn,potatoes,etc. Our clients are amazed at the accuracy of this testing and how it makes a tremendous difference in their results!

What our clients say

" Advance Nutrition has been a part of my life for about fourteen years. Patricia and Nancy are extremely knowledgeable with recommending what is needed for my health. The advice and nutrients have kept me healthy, vibrant, and have avoided most of the illnesses that other people get whether they are seasonal or otherwise. "

- Betty H.


The Spectra Vision is bio-energetic testing technology we use in our office. Spectra Vision opens an exciting view into energetic wellness and balance. It is a completely dynamic system providing energetic insight for over thousands of pieces of information in your body. The process is non-invasive, painless and highly accurate in identifying the various causes of imbalances. The responses to the digitized signals representing common substances such as foods, chemicals, toxins, herbs, homeopathics, etc., help the practitioner see exactly how well the body is adapting to its environment.

The equipment is sensitive enough to isolate the body's response to each "stressor" and prioritize the focus of stress, the casual factor or casual chain that might be disrupting homeostasis. By tapping into the informational systems of the body in all its dimensions, bio-energetic embraces the "internet" or "cyber net" of the body's energetic blueprint.

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