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Call us at: 215-497-9700

Call us at: 215-497-9700

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Father's Day

Prevention check up Time!

The summer flew by and it is time to get everyone tested and back on their health and supplement programs.

Children’s prevention check up is 20% off, plus 20% off supplements at time of visit. New children also will be 20% off.

Teachers and School employees are 20% off, plus 20% off supplements at time of visit.

Supplements - new clients who are school employees will be 20% off.

Footbaths for children are $10 for 10 minutes.

Teachers - one footbath is $15 for 30 minutes.

Fall Cleanse Programs $99

This is so important to get your immune system ready for the fall and winter. As we change seasons it is always a good time for a gentle cleanse. We are offering a Package of a Metagenics Medical Food shake ($65), 2 footbaths - one before and one after the cleanse (30 minutes each reg. $35), and Rife session for Detox

Pain Management

Over 100 million adults overdose on opiates yearly. The United States uses 99% of the world's opiates. Did you know that Philadelphia, Pa is the capitol of the heroine addiction in this country? This is a serious issue that touches many families. For this reason I want to share what I have learned. When I was at a conference at the University of Miami this year, Robert Bonakdar spoke on natural approaches to pain management.

Dietary changes, "when you shift the gut, you shift the pain" and this is true for all pain issues. A cleansing program, then a low glycemic diet reduces pain. Supplements suggested are Magnesium citrate, Tumeric 1000mg a day, Ginger ½ gram (Metagenics Inflavnoid Intensen Care) Fish oil, DHA promotes the endorphins. B-12, Vitamin D3 and CoQ10 300mg.

Lifestyle enhancers such as Yoga, Tai Chi Meditation, and Deep Abdominal breathing release endorphins and reduces stress.

We are honored to receive the Best of Bucks 2017 in two categories this year for Homeopathy and Holistic Nutritional counseling. We appreciate all our clients who make it possible for us to continue on this path of service. We are very grateful!

God's blessings of Health and Peace to all!

Patricia, Nancy, Theresa, Bridgette & Jill

Please be advised, starting in September we will no longer be able to accept American Express credit cards. All other credit cards are acceptable, checks and cash.

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