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Prevention starts with your diet and nutrition.
Transition your eating with the seasons, during fall & winter eat more warming foods such as trading your salads for soups. Make ginger water. Have these teas on hand - ginger tea, peppermint tea, throat coat tea and smooth move tea, as well as warm water with lemon and honey (manuka).

Don’t forget about your water! Keep it at room temperature!

Nutritional Supplements to build the immune system:
Vitamin D3 - is best taken with a meal with fat in it for absorption. We have it in capsules, liquid and children’s formulas. Adults usually need 5000iu with K. We also have 10,000 for those who are deficient.

Vitamins C - comes in all forms. It's best taken with food and divided doses. Ultra Potent C 1000 tablets are our best seller. We also have ProC 3000 Drink which is great to throw in your shakes.

Pro C ascorbate by Nutritional Specialties has zinc, selenium and Magnesium. We also have vitamin C liquescence and Vitc capsule by Dr Mercola.

Zinc - we have in capsules, tablets and homeopathy.

Immune Defense pack is pre packaged bags with all the above in ease to use for on the go.

Immune Active capsules have zinc, NAC, Quercetin and decaf green tea.

Elderberry - we have gummies, liquid, homeopathy.

Homeopathy has been amazing for colds, flu and corona viruses.

We can do Hair Analysis to specific products.
These are our most used and effective:
Viru-Chord, Flu tone for body aches and Influenza A& B, Drainage tone, Core Artemisia by Eneregetix Viral Immune, Epstein Barr, Bacterial Immune, Mucolytic drainage by Professional formulas.

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