Until further notice we are a "non-traffic office". Please call us or email with questions and to place orders.

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Call us at: 215-497-9700
Until further notice we are a "non-traffic office". Please call us or email with questions and to place orders.

Call us at: 215-497-9700



Make the Holidays Healthy for your Family & Friends!

Our traditional "Holiday Family & Friends" promotion begins on Monday, November 30th and runs through Saturday, December 5th.

For our Valued existing clients we offer:

Supplements - 20% off on most products for this week - valid on one order only. Please pre-order by email or phone. Your order can be picked up or mailed. Most of our clients get their list together of what they use on a regular basis and stock up for the winter.

If we learned anything this past year, it is the value of a healthy immune system. The trifecta for the Immune System is Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc. We also suggest having a viral homeopathic, bacterial homeopathic and mucolatic drainage in your immune arsenal.

A new supplement by Metagenics is Immune Defense Pack is ($79). This is an individual package of 5 supplements for 30 days.

Vitamin C 1200 mg.($36), Vitamin D3 5000 iu’s and ($26) Zinc 30mg $13.00
Total of $111.00
Savings of $32.00, plus the convenience of grabbing a package to go! Keep it available in your car or purse.

Very Popular last year:
Follow-up gift certificates for $55, you can purchase up to 3.
Ear Candling is also $55, you can purchase up to 3.

Our New Client Adult Initial testing for adults is $165 for one week only. Reg $255.00 (Savings of $90.) You can purchase a gift certificate which can be used throughout the year and will expire after one year. You can purchase by email, or at our online store or phone.

Children’s Initial testing is $85.00. (reg $155) for the whole month of December.

Hair Analysis: we have added that to our testing. It is the exact same test that is run in the office which can be done virtually for the convenience of clients. We have helped many client’s family members and those who have moved out of state. Initial Fee for this week is $165 and follow up certificate $55 (limit of 3).

Footbath Packages: 6 for $115 for this week only then going up to 5 for $100 for the month of December. This gentle form of detoxification can pull out toxins and help the circulation of the cells.


Thanksgiving Holiday Hours:
Open Wednesday, November 25 until 2:00pm.
Closed November 26th and 27th.

Christmas Hours:
Open Wednesday, December 23 until at 2:00pm.
Closed December 24th - December 28th.
Closed New Years Eve December 31st and New Years Day January 1st.

Stop in during the Holidays, we have a special reusable green shopping bag for you as a show of our gratitude! We count you and your family as part of our blessings! We would like to welcome Danielle as part our team, she has been a client for over 15 years. Please welcome her to our team.

We wish all of God's blessings to you and your family in 2021!
Patricia, Nancy, Theresa and Danielle

Advance Nutrition is celebrating 30 years of service!
Thank you for the wonderful patronage!

Holiday Specials

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