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Spring Break 2021 Specials

Everyone enjoys a break in the Spring from the harsh winter we had this year. It’s time to give your digestive system a break from the heavy winter eating and clean house with a Metabolic Detoxification Cleanse for 10 days.

We have all learned a lot from Covid 19, especially how comorbidities increase our risk of dying from this virus or a flu. Our clients have seen first hand how supporting their immune system has made the major difference in them staying healthy. The ritual of cleansing dates back to every religion to purify our bodies to adjust to the change of season. We all need to take the time and make the effort.

This program - Clear Change by Metagenics - enhances the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities. Your program is very user friendly. You can easily work and do the cleanse. You basically do 2 shakes a day, one full meal and healthy snacks. We will point test you if you need to know what shake to do for yourself. You get a choice of Ultra Clear Plus (vanilla), Ultra Clear Plus Ph (vanilla), Ultra Clear Renew (vanilla or berry) and AdvaClear.

Ultra Clear Plus is a rice protein shake providing 13g OptiProtein which will benefit the liver function - this formula provides well rounded nutritional support! It was the first shake designed for liver detoxification. One of our Favorites!

Ultra Clear Plus Ph is formulated to provide advanced, specialized support for balanced metabolic detoxification. It is a cleanse for those that may have food allergies. This shake supports and cleanses the liver and kidney, helping us regain our ph balance.

AdvaClear is a capsule which provides extra daily support during the cleanse. It is designed to enhance the activities of several liver detoxification enzymes and support Phase I and Phase II detoxification pathways. If you have experienced detox symptoms in the past, this will prevent it.

Ultra Clear Renew is the deepest cleanse, formulated to deliver advanced specialized support for Phase I, II (liver) and III (kidney) with enhanced support for the body’s natural alkalinization and heavy metal metabolism process. It is high in antioxidant support. It gets deep into the fat cells. Available in berry and vanilla.

Epa/Dha fish oil can be used to target support for healthy fat for mental clarity and positive mood during a cleanse.

Spring Promotion

We usually do a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day promotion. This year we are having one Spring Promotion.

We are celebrating a Special Spring promotion - 20% off supplements on April 28th and April 30th. There are a few product exemptions. Please call ahead of time and place an order. Thank you!

New Client Promotion

Initial Bio Energetic testing for New Client Promotion is April 28th to May 7th. You may purchase an Adult certificate for $185 (regularly $255) which can be used any time. Child certificate is $85 (regularly $150) available for children under 18 years old.

Ion Cleanse footbath package is 5 for $100.

WHY DETOX? Toxicants and toxicity interfere with every system of the body. Detoxification with the IonCleanse by AMD paves a clearer path to success by helping the body's normal systems and processes function without these impediments. When you incorporate the IonCleanse by AMD into a health plan, almost every other therapy or intervention may have a greater impact on your health and wellness.

Toxins Removed*

*Referring to heavy metals. Other harmful toxins are also removed.

We wish you a Happy & Healthy Spring! Renew your health and enjoy the nice weather!

We are always grateful for your continued support and patronage!

Patricia, Nancy, Theresa and Danielle

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