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Call us at: 215-497-9700

Call us at: 215-497-9700

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" Advance Nutrition was my alternative to prescription drugs. When I was diagnosed with diabetes & Cirrhosis of the liver; I was given high doses of medication as well as a few different kinds of drugs. I am happy to say that my (450) blood sugar was under control (79 to 99) one month after being diagnosed and my A1C is still 5.3 for the last 2 years. I take one 500mg tablet of Metformin HCL in the morning along with supplements supplied by the caring professionals at Advance Nutrition. I am on no prescription drugs for my liver, just supplements and the liver is doing better. It was a prescription drug that caused my liver problem. Advance Nutrition has the right answers for your health issues. "

- Patti G.

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I was drawn to preventative health care through my mother's experiences with cancer. My personal philosophy of active prevention is summed up in my given advice, "promote the wisdom of your body" and accompanies my enthusiasm and dedication to health.

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