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BioEnergetic Testing

The wave of the future! What is it? Technology that bridges the gap between science and complimentary medicine. It unites ancient wisdom and practices with modern technology. Bio-energetic testing, relatively new in this country, is certainly a technological breakthrough. Vital to the understanding of futuristic medicine therapies is the view of the physical body as an energy system composed of wave forms or oscillation at various frequencies. Many of the most sophisticated diagnostics systems used today in medicine such as the EEG, EKG and MRI employ the principles of energy medicine. Practioners of computerized bio-energetic testing systems use instruments that measure the body's energy system.

What is the process

You sit comfortably in a chair during the whole process and you remove anything that carries an electrical charge frequency such as a watch or cell phone. The multi-channel "harness test" begins by applying a wrist cuff containing electrodes. Children can opt for a cuff on their leg or wrist and therefore read or book or take their bottle.

The electrodes on the cuffs then connect you to the Spectra Vision:

  • A calibration test is conducted
  • The average scan takes about 8-10 minutes
  • A complete scan can take up to 20 minutes
  • The non-cognitive biofeedback process is completely safe
  • Data is analyzed and reported according to signal variations

What our clients say

" Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love coming to Advance Nutrition. It’s a place of love where everyone is so warm and friendly. Congratulations on creating a beautiful place. "

- Patty J.


The Spectra Vision is bio-energetic testing technology we use in our office. Spectra Vision opens an exciting view into energetic wellness and balance. It is a completely dynamic system providing energetic insight for over thousands of pieces of information in your body. The process is non-invasive, painless and highly accurate in identifying the various causes of imbalances. The responses to the digitized signals representing common substances such as foods, chemicals, toxins, herbs, homeopathics, etc., help the practitioner see exactly how well the body is adapting to its environment.

The equipment is sensitive enough to isolate the body's response to each "stressor" and prioritize the focus of stress, the casual factor or casual chain that might be disrupting homeostasis. By tapping into the informational systems of the body in all its dimensions, bio-energetic embraces the "internet" or "cyber net" of the body's energetic blueprint.

What can you learn from the session

Your body has its own innate intelligence and will re-prioritize its issues as needed. Your body has its own innate intelligence and will re-prioritize its issues as needed. The Spectra Vision has the means to tap into that intelligence and through bio reassurance analysis reveal the current top stress issues or hottest fires associated with the signals tested.

  • Non-diagnostic
  • Determines energy level and function of all organs
  • Evaluates the digestive, endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems
  • Will assess your nutritional needs
  • Identifies environmental allergies to various substances
  • Tests over 300 foods
  • Indicates hidden intestinal microorganisms
  • Will give a new understanding as to how your body is functioning

One single session can accomplish what previously may have required undergoing several different evaluations at a number of different locations. After the initial evaluation, you will be advised on an eating program and a specific supplement program and life-style enhancements. On the follow-up visits, you will have a new re-evaluation test and update of your program.


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